Audio tools for developers & innovators

Switchboard is an audio platform developed by Synervoz

Developer tools

Synervoz has worked on many audio projects. The Switchboard SDK addresses many common audio problems and makes audio app development much faster and easier.

We also have many stand-alone tools available to speed up development. Many licensing options are available, including partial source code licenses.

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We have designed and developed many apps, with a primary focus on social audio. A simple example is our Switchboard App, which is built using the Switchboard SDK.

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R&D and Prototypes

Switchboard Labs encompasses our experiments, prototypes, and other R&D projects. We are eager to find partners with a passion for audio technologies and experimental development.

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Switchboard assists developers building new audio products, features and experiments...

  • Without being constrained by the simplified use cases that iOS, Android and other native platforms provide.

  • Without having to build an audio framework from scratch

  • Without having to rebuild for each platform or operating system

  • Without having to be experts in audio or low level languages

Audio is hard. The Switchboard SDK makes it easy.

Access cutting edge tools like

Robust Audio Pipeline

  • Multichannel mixing (including VoIP & other channels like music or audio from a game or video)

  • An audio graph that makes it easy to add and rearrange other audio processes and SDKs

  • Robust Cross Platform Base (C++) with platform specific bindings (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, web)

Automatic Volume Management

  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

  • Smart Ducking (e.g. lower music volume when someone is talking)

  • Gain Control & Volume Normalization

Cleaner Audio

  • Cutting edge ML-based noise suppression

  • Echo suppression

  • Other DSP to improve clarity in voice / video calls

  • Accurate voice detection

Fun Features and Audio DSP

  • Voice changers

  • Add effects like reverb, echo, pitch shift, flanger

Voice Technologies

  • Wake Words

  • Speech to Text (STT) and Text to Speech (TTS)

  • Integrations with VoIP / webRTC services like Agora (see extensions)


  • Pre-built extensions with popular audio SDKs including:‚Ä®Spotify, Snowboy, Sensory, Superpowered,, TokBox,, Slack

We love building cool things