Switchboard labs

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We have developed a number of designs and flows for concepts that can be built on top of the Switchboard SDKs / Platform and continue to experiment with new concepts.

How to talk to people on Switchboard

An introduction to Switchboard and how users can communicate on the app.

Switchboard intro

An introduction to Switchboard and basic intercom functionality.

Silencing and switching off

A demo of how silencing and switching off work on Switchboard.

Voice commands

Voice control of Swithchboard.

Messaging and Slack

How to send asynchronous voice messages including a cool Slack integration.

Slack team onboarding

This shows how to quickly onboard your whole Slack team to Switchboard.

Slack voice messages

Here is one of many cool things you can do with Switchboard's Slack integration.

Respond function

This shows how frictionless it is to respond when someone starts talking to you. 

An instructional video

We walk you through an older version of the interface, illustrating some key features. Experience has been improved, but this gives you the idea!

A few use cases

This shows a few of the many ways you can use Switchboard. Check out www.synervoz.com for more ideas. 

Flic buttons

We programmed a flic button to really turn your phone into an intercom. 

Switchboard + music

Listen together + talk like you're in the same room. 

Watch together

Web app demo showing sync & ducking while watching video. 

Switchboard demo

This illustrates the Switchboard spontaneous voice chat paradigm in action, as well as some cool audio features at the end.

Interactive Demos

Music Ducking

Switchboard SDK

This example plays an audio file and ducks the playback volume based on the user's microphone input.

VU Meter

Switchboard SDK

This example plays an audio file and calculates the RMS level and amplitude peak value of the audio signal real-time by using a VU meter node.


Spatial Audio

This example allows the user to navigate through an interactive 3D space containing spatial audio sources.

Interested in a partnership or co-development?