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 CAudioBufferProvides an abstraction around raw audio buffers stored in memory
 CAudioBufferConverterConverts AudioBuffer class instances between different formats
 CAudioBufferPoolAllocates memory for multiple AudioBuffer instances
 CAudioBusRepresents a stream of audio in one direction
 CAudioBusFormatDescribes the format of an AudioBus instance without the need for the audio data
 CAudioBusFormatListHolds a list of AudioBusList instances
 CAudioBusListHolds a list of AudioBus instances
 CAudioDataProvides helper methods to handle raw audio data arrays
 CAudioDataConverterConverts audio data stored in arrays between different audio formats
 CAudioDeviceRepresents an audio device that can send and receive audio data
 CAudioGraphManages a graph of AudioNode instances
 CAudioGraphInputNodeRepresents the input node of the audio graph
 CAudioGraphNodeConnectionRepresents a connection between two audio nodes in the AudioGraph class
 CAudioGraphNodeStateHolds the state of an audio node inside the AudioGraph instance
 CAudioGraphOutputNodeRepresents the output node of the audio graph
 CAudioNodeRepresents a node in the audio graph
 CAudioPlayerPlays the loaded audio file
 CAudioPlayerMemorySourceProvides audio data from an encoded audio file
 CAudioPlayerNodeAudioNode that plays the loaded audio file
 CAudioPlayerSourceProvides an interface to provide audio data in chunks
 CAudioProcessorNodeA node that processes audio and has both incoming and outgoing connections
 CAudioRingBufferClass providing ring buffer functionality specialized for audio (most importantly multichannel functionality)
 CAudioSinkNodeA node that consumes audio and only has incoming connections
 CAudioSourceInterface class that represents a source of audio
 CAudioSourceNodeA node that produces audio and only has outgoing connections
 CBufferAllocatorAllocates memory that can be used to store audio data
 CBufferRegulatorThis class can be used to turn variable sized audio buffer stream into a stabilized constant length audio buffer stream
 CBufferSizeRegulatorConverts a variable sized buffer stream into a fixed sized buffer stream
 CChannelSplitterNodeSplits a multi channel audio bus to multiple mono audio buses
 CConsoleLogDestinationProvides a logging option for the standard output. Singleton
 CFileReaderReads a file from the file system
 CFileUtilsContains file manipulation utility methods
 CFileWriterWrites a file to the file system
 CGainNodeChanges the gain of the audio that flows through this node
 CGraphRepresents a general purpose DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) with nodes and edges
 CIOResamplerProvides a callback function that is called with resampled audio data
 CLogDestinationProvides an interface to implement platform-specific logging
 CLoggerProvides logging functionality
 CMixerNodeMixes multiple audio buses into a single audio bus
 CMonoToMultiChannelNodeConverts a mono audio bus to a multi-channel audio bus
 CMp3DecoderDecodes MP3 data to PCM audio data
 CMp3EncoderEncodes MP3 data from PCM audio data
 CMultiChannelToMonoNodeConverts a multi-channel audio bus to a mono audio bus
 CNoiseGateClass providing noise gating with hysteresis
 COggDecoderDecodes Ogg/Vorbis data to PCM audio data
 COggEncoderEncodes Ogg/Vorbis data from PCM audio data
 CPipeHas a sink and source node. Can be used to utilize output as input, without introducing a cycle to the graph
 CPipeSinkNodeUsed by Pipe class, should not be instantiated elsewhere
 CPipeSourceNodeUsed by Pipe class, should not be instantiated elsewhere
 CRecorderNodeRecords the incoming audio data to a file
 CResamplerResamples audio data from one sample rate to another
 CRingBufferClass providing ring buffer functionality
 CSampleRateRegulatorConverts an audio stream with variable sample rate to a fixed sample rate buffer stream
 CSineGeneratorGenerates a sine wave signal
 CSineGeneratorNodeGenerates a sine wave with the given frequency and amplitude
 CSingleBusAudioProcessorNodeProvides a simplified interface for AudioProcessorNode which is useful when only a single bus is supported by the audio processor
 CSingleBusAudioSinkNodeProvides a simplified interface for AudioSinkNode which is useful when only a single bus is supported by the audio sink
 CSingleBusAudioSourceNodeProvides a simplified interface for AudioSourceNode which is useful when only a single bus is supported by the audio source
 CSplitterNodeSplits a single audio bus into multiple audio buses
 CStopwatchCan be used to measure code execution performance
 CSwitchboardSDKInitializes and configures the Switchboard SDK
 CVUMeterNodeAnalyzes the audio and returns the RMS power of the signal per buffer
 CWavDecoderDecodes WAVdata to PCM audio data
 CWavEncoderEncodes WAV data from PCM audio data
 CWhiteNoiseGeneratorGenerates white noise
 CWhiteNoiseGeneratorNodeGenerates white noise