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This section provides information about the currently available Switchboard SDK extensions:

  • Bose PinPoint: Removes any unwanted noise from an audio signal.
  • Superpowered: Provides high-quality low-latency audio DSP components.
  • WebRTC: Using the WebRTC framework with custom input and output audio devices.
  • Agora: Easy audio integration with Agora's voice and video SDKs.
  • TokBox: Easy audio integration with the TokBox communications SDK.
  • Amazon Chime: Using the Amazon Chime SDK with custom input and output audio devices.
  • Music Ducking: Mixing music and voice signals and adjusting volume levels intelligently.
  • Music Synchronization: Synchronizing audio players over the internet.
  • Voice Effects: Real-time voice changer effects.
  • RNNoise: Noise suppression library based on a recurrent neural network.
  • Speex DSP: Echo cancellation and voice signal pre-processing.